1-1000T Galvanized Poultry Feed Silo

1-1000T Galvanized Poultry Feed Silo
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Feed silo is a storage bin used to store feedstock in industrial systems such as the creation of steam power. 

In agriculture, feed silos are applied for large-scale animal feed or grain storage

In general, feed silos are able to store both granular and liquid materials. In most cases, feed silos are elevated above the level of the system it is used to feed, so that the force of gravity is used for moving the feedstock into the system. Feed storage bins have a level indicator or a other access point to monitor the condition of the feedstock inside. If levels get too low, the operators can add more feedstock through a valve on the top of the bin. 


Main parts of poultry feed storage silo 

Feed storage silo ancillary System

30-15000tons flat-bottom and hopper-bottom steel silo ancillary system including :

•Cleaning/dust-collecting/measurement system
•Conveying system
•Drying system
•Level-indicating system
•Thermal monitoring system
•Ventilation system
•Circulation fumigation system
•Control system
•Steel structure