1-20t Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Animal Food Pellet Mill

1-20t Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Animal Food Pellet Mill
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auqa feed pellet machine

Features of fish feed pellet mill

1. Gear-driven transmission system to ensure high efficiency(above 97%).

2. Using spheroidal graphite cast iron, the machine body is more durable.

3. Treated by hardness quenching and milling machine,the gears maintain high concentricity with the shaft.

4. With lubrication system, you can add grease to main shaft without having to turn off the machine .

5. The ring die mould are cast by heat processing technology, thus having a durable life and producing qualified pellets.

6. Equipped with an advanced compensation serpentine-spring coupling which connects the pelletizing chamber with the motor to increase safety and stability.

7. Permanent magnet device can remove impurities in the pelletizing process.

Conditioners of FDSP fish/shrimp feed pellet mill

The optimum conditioning of feed ensures you to get the highest performance out of a FDSP pellet mill. The gain of good conditioning:

*higher production throughput

*better pellet durability

*improved digestibility

*reduced pellet mill power consumption.

Kindly note:

All the FDSP conditioners are made from stainless steel, have a very stable design and allow an easy installation on top of the pellet mill. We can customize different kinds of conditioners to meet your request. 

Stainless steel conditioner

Spare parts for fish feed pellet mill
The quality of ring die plays an important role in making high quality pellets and high output,also can save much maintenance cost for pellet manufacturers.

spare parts of fish feed pellet machine

About Us

FDSP is a reliable ring die manufacturer who can supply you top quality ring dies .We can customized design for various brand of pellet mill, such as: CPM, Matador ,Muyang, Paladin, Promill, Buhler, Zhengchang, Mabrik, Matador, Sogem, Andritz Sprout, Yemmak, etc.We can also make as per customers' drawing.

What's more,we can construct 10120t/h feed production line,such as livestock,poultry, aqua prawn and premix, at various scales. You can customize what you need and we can supply the Professional solution for you.

Typical project

FDSP can not only provide professional single feed machinery but whole animal feed production line contains hammer mill, mixer, pellet mill, cooler, crumbler, screener, packing machine, auxiliary equipment like conveyors, cleaners, pulse filters and electric control etc.

Personalized&Intergrated feed engineering and feed solutions can be customized according to customers’ different requirements.



Customers From All Over The World

We insist on "Faith & Federation , Develop & Creativity, Service & sincerity , Pluck & Prestige " ,also we own outstanding R&D team with the sense of innovation and cooperation.




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