Best Price Feed Hammer Mill With High Quality

Best Price Feed Hammer Mill With High Quality
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Brief Introduction Feed Hammer Mill:
This type hammer mill called Water drop type hammer mill or grinder,because it shape looks like a drop water, it's body made by carbon steel thickness 6-10mm,inside including two metal sieve,hammer 30pcs,48pcs,60pcs, 90pcs,etc.The structure is reasonable, durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, easy to operate, small vibration and high efficiency.Mainly used to grind feed grain and crush rice husk,corn, cob,straw pieces,and wood chips,etc.

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Main Specification Feed Hammer Mill:

 Feed Hammer Mill


Usage and Features of Feed Hammer Mill:
This series of water drop type hammer mill can crush all kinds of granular feed ingredients, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, the broken soybean cake and other materials.
This series of crusher adopts welded steel structure,and it's motor and hammer mill rotor are mounted on a single base, using pin coupling direct drive, rotor passed dynamic balance test, and can work in reverse.The operating door is with safety interlock device to ensure that the operation door can not be opened when rotor is rotating.
The mill feed inlet is at the top,which is compatible with various forms of feeding mechanism, hammer is arranged symmetrically. The structure of machine is simple and durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, operate and maintain,and the vibration is light and productivity is high .
There are coarse and fine grinder series to choose from,which is suitable for finely pulverizing of fiber, fine materials, high moisture materials and brittle materials,with high yield and low energy consumption.
Advantages of Feed Hammer Mill:
1.Wide chamber feed hammer mill,unique design,novel structure and easy operation.
2.The effective material crushing circulation layers can make twice crushing to ensure uniform fineness of the finished products,two metal sieve can help improve crush efficiency.
3.A variety of sieve sizes are available to choose 1.5-12mm,flexible opening device and elastic pressure sieve mechanism,convenient to change hammer and sieve and maintain.
4.The rotor is running smoothly through balance correction,low noise and excellent performance.
5. Security door type operation, to ensure the door can't open during  rotor rotates.
6.Water drop type hammer mill can crush feed and sawdust,etc.