4-72 B4-72、F4-72 Type Centrifuge Fan

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Product Details

Product Introduction:

4-72 type centrifuge fan can be used in indoor ventilation in general factories and large buildings. It can convey air and other gas that is non-hypergolic,harmless to body and non-corrosive to steels. B4-72 type fan could be used for inflammable and volatile gas ventilation. Sticky things are not allowed in the gas. Dust and granules are not larger than 150mg/m3. The air temperature is not over 80℃.

The performances, option parts and installation dimension for B4-72 type fan is in accordance with 4-72 type, which could be chosen by the catalog. The structure of this fan is basically the same as 4-72. The motor should be used the YB series, correspondent to the Y series in the chart. F4-72 type fan adopts the stainless steels, which is used to convey the corrosive gas. The feature and installation dimension is the same as 4-72 type.