5000 Tons Food Wheat Storage silo

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Product Details

5000 tons grain silo galvanized corrugated food wheat storage is double size galvanized steel. poultry feed steel storage silo islong lifetime,good gas-tightness and usages.

Our steel silo Installed on-site by the company's own fitters and with its own space and time-saving assembly system in a variety of sizes, the uniform high quality of all systems is ensured. In the process, the systems are offered either as a complete solution or in individual components together with selected accessories.


The installation process

1.Choose flat ground for steel silo making plantform,including structures,steel frame,steel columm, connection machine,etc.,

2.Volume in the second lap closing devices,warehouse roof by cutting ,according to water level under the cutting after completion of welding ring ,wil place the rose ring indide the bin body center,with a spirit level and tape measure.

3.The welding warehouse top cobers plate.

4.Continue to start the equipment coil; The process with spray paint and stop welding silo stiffener and silo as required in the ladder.

Why choose FDSP silos?

1.Our sales staff offers size recommendations with budgetary pricing

2.Full-time safety director and dedication to a safe work site for our employees and customer

3.Registered in-house engineers, design staff, and drafting services

4.Project communication is directed to one project manager for timely responses

5.Efficient construction schedules with trained construction personnel and specialized equipment

6.Incorporate your new storage silo(s) within your existing facility

Detail pictures of FDSP silo