Advantage In Prevent Agglomerating Feed Mixer

Advantage In Prevent Agglomerating Feed Mixer
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Product Details

Features of feed mixing 

  1. High homogeneity International patent double-circle rotor design, inside and outside double-circle paddle design, reinforcing convection, shearing, and mixing effects.Mixing homogeneity is up to 97.7%.

  2. No residues Adjustable gap between paddle and casing, ensuring extremely low residue ratio, avoiding materials cross contamination; fully open discharging gate, mixed materials are discharged completely in no time, no residue.

  3. Zero leakage Discharging gate is sealed with rubber air bag,realizing zero leakage;at the shaft ends, the packing seal is specially designed to ensure zero leakage.

  4. Human friendly The large access door in reasonable design, ease of cleaning and time saving; elevating type liquid addition device "air atomization" contributes to high-precise addition,which ensures homogenous mixing without generating any agglomeration.

The video introduction of single-shaft Paddle Mixer

After processing materials

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Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: Depending on customers' requirement,such as wooden box or Iron crate etc.

Shipping: Our shipping operator and delivering equipments will be ready on time to goods shipped based on Sales Order requirement.