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Product Details

Brief introduction:

Air dryer is a kind of large capacity drying equipment with wink-dry theory. The rapid movement of hot air drives wet materials suspended in hot air, so as to improve drying process and transmitting efficiency. Almost all non-bound water is removed after air dried. No deterioration of treated material shall occur, and the capacity is much higher than normal dryers. Customers can achieve higher profits in a short time.


1.Low investment, low energy consumption, less occupation of human resources or plant area, and wide applicable scope. An ideal modern equipment.

2.Desiccant dehumidification of powdery material for industries of pharmacy, chemical, food, building, plastic etc., like starch, fish meal, salt, vinasse, feed, gluten, plastic resin, mineral powder, coal dust, mucochloric acid, A·S·C Benzoic acid, 2·3·acid, polyvinyl chloride acetic acid polypropylene, sodium sulfate, sodium pyrosulfite etc.

Working theory:

Air dryer can remove moisture (mainly refer to surface moisture) rapidly from easy dehydrated pellets, and powder. Materials stay a short time in the dryer, which makes best control of product quality. Our company adds a set of intensifier, the rotate speed of which can be infinitely controlled to normal dryer. The wet materials pass through screw conveyor, get into intensifier and then completely mix with hot air. Crushed and pushed by rapidly rotating hammers, the materials turn to fine particles. Then the fine particles are dried and move to the exit. At last, the particles get into drying tube for further drying with influence of wind. For wet and heavy particles cannot be influenced by wind shall continue being crushed, dried until getting into the tube. Completed products are discharged from cyclone separator, while a small part of flying powder is recycled by cyclone separator or bag-type dust collector.