Spare parts pellet mill die for various modes of pellet machines

Spare parts pellet mill die for various modes of pellet machines
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Introduction for our pellet mill ring die factory 

We are a professional manufacturing factory for Ring Dies,Pellet Dies,Flat dies,Feed Mill Pellet Flat Dies,Pellet Mill Flat Dies,Animal Feed Pellet Mill Ring Die,Pellet Machine Ring die,Pellet Press Ring Die,Wood Pellet Ring Die,pellet die, die roller, pellet roller, ring die accessories etc. spare parts. We have own ring die factory and technical engineers with 20 year's experience. Each year, we all sell about 4000 spare parts: ring dies, rollers, roller assemblies to all over the world. Ring die is very important part of ring die pellet machine in the whole manufacturing process. The quality of ring die not only directly relates with the quality and output of pellets, but also the running state of equipment and maintenance cost.

Ring Die Roller

Process for making ring dies

spare parts, pellet dies Blank raw material Forging---Rough turning---Half finished turning---Drilling the hole---Grinding inner bore---Treaded hole--- Keyway milling---Heat treatment---Finish turning---Package

Measurement of ring die dimension
Inspect the dimension of forging stock according to the order contract, measure with vernier caliper, and the deviation shall be less than ±1mm.Based on the inner circle, rotating table and dial indicator shall be applied to inspect outer circle of forging stock and face runout, with deviation less than 1.0mm

Andritz pellet mill die Customization
FDSP can manufacture the ring dies of different materials, types and hole diameters which are suitable for ANDRITZ brand pelletizers.
Please offer the drawing and specifications of ring dies if you need.