Animal Feed Grinder Paddle Mixer Machine

Animal Feed Grinder Paddle Mixer Machine
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Paddle mixer is also called non gravity mixer too, including Double shafts paddle mixer and single shaft paddle mixer. It is widely applied in mixing powder and powder, granule and granule, granule and powder and a bit liquid. It is used for food, chemical, pesticide, feeding stuff and battery etc. It is high precision mixing equipment and adapts to mix different size of materials with different specific gravity, the proportion of formula and mixing uniformity. It can be a very good mix for which ratio reaches 1:1000~5000 or more. The machine can make the partial of granules broken after crushing   equipment added.

Pictures of double shafts paddle mixer:

animal feed mixing machine


Principle of working:

1. Double shaft paddle mixer is with 2 horizontal paddle shaft; there is the paddle on each shaft;

2. with the driven equipment, two cross paddle shafts moves intersection and patho-occlusion.

3. Driven equipment makes paddle rotating fast; the rotating paddle generates centrifugal force during high speed rotation, spilling the material to the upper part in the barrel, then material falling down (the vertex of material is in a so-called instant non-gravity state). Driven by the blades, material is mixed back and forth; also sheared and separated by the meshing space between the twin shafts; fast and evenly mixed.


Main features of double shafts paddle mixer:

1. Rotate reversely and throw materials to different angles, mixing time 1-3min.

2. Compact design and rotated shafts be filled with hopper, mixing uniformity up to 99%.

3. Only 2-5mm gap between shafts and wall, open-type discharging hole.

4. Patent design and ensure the rotating axle & discharging hole w/o leakage.

5. Full weld and polishing process for mixing hopper, w/o any fastening piece like screw, nut.

6. The whole machine is made by 100% stainless steel to make its profile elegant except bearing seat.

mixing machine