High Productivity Animal Feed Mixing Machine / Chicken Feed Mixer

High Productivity Animal Feed Mixing Machine / Chicken Feed Mixer
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Product Details

1. Low speed, high efficiency mixing, action is soft;
2. Do not produce segregation mix for a long time, you can add all kinds of liquid.
3. All open discharge technology, discharge is rapid, less residue;
4. Three rows of chain transmission mechanism, ensure long-term trouble-free operation;
5. Short mixing period (45 to 60 s) high mixing uniformity (CV 5% or less, up to 3%);
6. Applicable to the premix, additives, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Product features of Animal Feed Mixing Machine
1. The mixing chamber is "W" horizontal shell shape, Double shaft and many paddles. The spraying system (spray nozzle & fittings) is on top of mixer can meet light and heavy bulk density materials mixing, improve the liquid atomizing and prevent from agglomerating; 
2. Specially designed discharger has big door-opening angle and quick discharging with little residue. Good tightness and no products leakage; 
3. High mixing speed and homogeneity. It makes materials can be mixed and no influenced for bulk density, filling degree in state of loss weight; 
4. It is widely used for mixing of powder, granular, flake, block, irregular and sticky materials in the industries of feed, cereal, food, chemicals, medicines, pesticides, etc.

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