Automation Loading Controller For Hammer Mill

Automation Loading Controller For Hammer Mill
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Advanced fuzzy control technology is applied to auto load control of grinder. Microcomputer collect and analysis signal during control process, while automatic control frequency converter outputs, so that feeding quantity can be automatically controlled. A full closed-loop control can control load of main machine accurately.


Main machine current is automatically stabilized, thus the grinder efficiency is greatly improved. Indirectly, the whole output is improved and power consumption is reduced.

Rotation speed of feeder is adjusted automatically.

Self-protection when overloads, and alarming when empty loads.

Reduced load fluctuation ensures high efficiency of grind, while reduced mechanical loss ensures longer working life.

Advanced technology: microcomputer, fuzzy control and human-computer interface with digital display are applied.

Full protection: double smoothing of soft and hard ware; touching button, anti-dust and anti-wet. Time lapse software resists load impact. 

During switching of automatic and manual control, feeding speed will be continuous.

It is widely applied to auto feeding control of normal and ultrafine grinders in feed, food, medicine, chemical industries etc.