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Excellent product : FDSP baghouse

FDSP baghouse is a kind of small and medium-sized pulse jet dust collector. Reasonable structure design to realize efficient dust removal and small resistance running. To adopt pulse blowing dust, soot cleaning effect is better. The advantage is reliable operation, easy maintenance and management. 

This kind of bag house always widely used in cement, metallurgy, electric power, chemical and other industries of dust gas purification and material recycling.FDSP bag dust catcher are composed by the filter chamber housing, clean air chamber enclosure, filter bag and filter cage, pulse injection device, ash hopper, screw conveyor and discharger, etc.


Structure Composition

FDSP series baghouse are composed by the upper box, middle box, hopper box and ladder, platform, storage tanks, pulse valve, screw conveyor, discharge valve, electrical control cabinet, air compressor, filter bag, filter cages, etc. All parts are made according to the national standards and customer's requirement.

1.Blowing system: the spray pipe, pulse valve, venturi, PLC controller, according to the nature of dust and working environment reasonably adjust the soot cleaning cycle and pulse injection time.

2.Ash hopper and ash discharge part: motor, reducer, screw conveyer, unloader, etc. 

Working principle

Wood dust collector must have three devices, pipe system, fan system, filter system. In these three systems, the structure and function of different configurations are different, but the basic principle is the same. They like people with masks. The pipe connect with the woodworking machinery and the filtering system. And the blower make the pipeline generate a negative pressure . The most important thing is the configuration of fan and the performance of the filter bag.
Fan configuration is based on the number of machines in the production plant. It is required that professional personnel calculate configuration, so that the air volume of each machine filter interface reach the same, with effectively cleaning dust. The dust filter bag should be chosen according to the different environment, and the dust produced by different wood working shop is not the same.
Airflow is conveyed to the flow guide bin of the bag filter through the fan The flow speed decreases under the action of the flow guide plate. The heavier sawdust particles under the action of gravity come into ash bin, and lighter dust adsorp on the outer surface of the filter bag with the flow of gas . After the bag filter, clean gas go into the exhaust chamber ,then is emissioned to the outside.
The system is equipped with an automatic pulse cleaning device, which is composed of a pulse controller, a pulse valve, a quick coupling, a drum and a jet pipe. According to the characteristics of sawdust particles, pulse amplitude and pulse frequency can be set on the pulse control instrument. After the pulse amplitude and frequency are set, the system will automatically complete the cleaning of the filter bag, so as to increase the filtering efficiency and extend the service life of the filter bag.