Best Quality 100T Steel Silo For Grain Storage

Best Quality 100T Steel Silo For Grain Storage
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Steel silo for grain storage with special and advanced technology. During construction, rolling sheet with width of 495mm is rolled to required shape from coil opening machine to forming machine and then is bended and bitten to screw embossed strip with width of 30mm-40mm around outside of steel silo. Inside steel silo, the stiffener is welded with embedded plates to improve the strength of steel silo


Space structure technology is used in design of the powder silo framework to ensure the stability of big span, the angle is 25°with good strength.

Equipment positioning: According to the diameter of steel silo, fixing the position of the equipments;
Rolling silo: After fixing the position of the equipments, rolling silo to 2m high;
Install silo roof: After cutting silo roof level with plasma cutter, installing the silo roof;
Lifting silo: Lifting the rolling silo to required height;
Fixing silo: Taking out the machines, fixing the silo with embedded plate;
Installing other facility: The user design and installation of the selected form object;
Will be on the loose coil winding machine loose on paper, through the coil bending machine, and the initial processing of forming the same time, the material bent in the required curvature, and then the crimping machine to bend with the good material to bite mouth, rolling forming, spiral upward through the bearing bracket lifting into the cylinder.

Introduction features of used silos for sale 

1.Silo body : the silo wall sheets are corrugated that is made of high quality galvanizing board; the sheets are bolted together by common or high strengthen bolts .The thickness of silo wall is designed according to the strengthen theory ,which makes the whole wall can afford even swelling tension. The handle equipment can make it more convenient to maintenance and unloading , such as silo doors, interior and exterior ladder and protecting net.

2.Radial beam silo roof support system : the roof is made of galvanizing board that is 0.8mm thick, and bolts are with galvanizing die .There are special equipments on the silo roof such as natural vents, manhole, roof ladders and secure cages and so on .

3.The main parts of the silo bin and roof are made of galvanizing board or spares which can make silo become even more steady and durable with longer life time, which is good to realize automatic work. 



About FDSP

FDSP is specialized in research, development, design, sales and service of material storage and drying technology. Equipped with processing units from Europe, NC flame cutting machine, steel structure sandblasting equipment, automatic paint room, large shearing and bending machine and NC punching machine, we provide various types of spiral steel silos (capacity: 30-8000t) and ancillary equipment, including self-control system, in-taking and discharging system, cleaning system, drying system, fumigation system, refrigeration system, insulation system, level-indicators and ventilation system, a silo turn-key project from design, civil work, manufacture, installation, commissioning to personnel training.