Best Sale! Biomass Sawdust/ Straw/ Hay/ Wood Small Pellet Mill

Best Sale! Biomass Sawdust/ Straw/ Hay/ Wood Small Pellet Mill
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Introduction of biomass wood pellet mill:

 1.Biomass wood pellet machine is a kind of machine which could process sawdust,straw dust,rice husk,peanut shell,tree branches etc biomass through pre-treatment and process.Those biomass material will be solidified into high-density pellet fuel. 

 2.Classification: Flat die wood pellet machine,ring die wood pellet machine and vertical ring die wood pellet machine. Our wood pelletizer is horizontal ring die pellet machine which have higher capacity than flat die pelletizer.Compared with vertical ring die pellet machine,our machine have stable performance for longer service lifeFinished pellets from our horizontal ring die pelletizer have compact structure that can be more suitable for industrial boiler burning.

Operating range of the Ring Die Pellet Mill machine

1.Ring mould pellet machine is suitable for large farms,and organic herbal medicine and chemical industry etc.

2. The raw materials contain straw, wood-dust, bamboo powder, cotton wood, peanuts shell, straw, clover, cotton seed shell etc and can mix with all kinds of powder materials.

3.Raw material water requirement is 15%-18% before granulating.


Structural advantages of the machine

1. The machine has compact structure, good appearance, high yield, less consumption, use convenient, reliable performance etc 

2. feed pellet mill has large diameter ring dies ,which can make materials fully cured and pellets smoother.

3.The friction can be fallen to the bottom.key parts are made by our CNC system ,which is high precision and quality, so we can ensure pressing efficiency.

 4. Feed pellet mill has forced material-entrance equipment and overload protection device ,which makes machine more safe to work.

5. Also has changeable speed feeder and conditioner , the feeder can adjust feeding materials speed .Conditioner will connect with steam to soften materials.

 6. When feed pellet mill works, rollers and ring die touch with each other in a vertical type--rollers rotary and ring die keep stable , in this way produce large capacity production.

Details of biomass pellet mill: