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About Three Layers Drum Dryer:
Three-channel dryer is a newly developed kind of dryer with unique principle combined from the principle of rotary drum dryer with dip angle and air dryer.It changes the heavy of rotary drum dryer, and bulky of air dryer, with advantages of small size, high thermal efficiency, light weight, wide applicability, flexible temperature control, also widely adapted to all kinds of powder, block, sheet material, such as sawdust, ore sand, mineral powder, iron ore, etc.

Structure Principle:
The technology of three-channel drum dryer came from Germany at the earliest, it is composed of three concentric circles drum, sawdust material flows into the inner drum at one end of the drum, then flows to the middle drum under the action of copy plate, then back to the outer drum, finally dry material comes out from the other end of the drum, just like going through three times the length of the rotary drum, thus greatly reduce the volume of the equipment.

Structure Features:
1.The equipment turns slowly, with little abrasion, safe and reliable, low maintenance cost; explosive part is set with explosion-proof structure.
2.Feeding speed can be adjusted, easy operation.
3.Large production capacity, can continuous operation; large elasticity of operation, it allows the output of products have a large range during production, but without affecting the quality of the products;
4.High degree of automation: the equipment can automatically completing feeding and discharging process. Exhaust temperature adopts intelligent control, connecting to speed feeding device, the feeding quantity is automatic control, to ensure the dryness of the products, the exhaust temperature is not too high, saving energy consumption.
5.Compared with the traditional single layer drum dryer, thermal efficiency is increased by 40% - 50%; the volumetric heat transfer coefficient is double of the single layer drum dryer;
6.The outer layer is with insulation cover, energy-saving effect is great increased.
7.The sawdust is with good color after drying, no withered or burnt phenomenon, the whole drying process is combined with air drying, can make the material moisture under 15% after drying.

Technical Parameters:

BodyInside diameter(mm)17002450265028503700
Rotary speed(r/min)Can be adjusted by process
Inlet temperaturel(°C)<500<500<500<500<500
Raw materialSawdust
Outlet temperatuer(°C)8080808080