Biomass Straw Pellet Mill Ring Die Machine To Make Straw Pellets

Biomass Straw Pellet Mill Ring Die Machine To Make Straw Pellets
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Pellet is new-style energy which is renewable,environmental protection,clean.

The straw pellets mill ring die machine product description
pellet machine can make the waste such as sawdust,straw,wood,rice husk,animal feed and branches into a kind of high density pellet fuel .The pellets are used as fuels in heating,electricity-generating and water-heating in power plant industry,boiler factories,etc.

Biomass pellet has gradually replaced industrial fuels like electricity,oil,gas,coal and so on.
The straw pellet mill ring die machine raw materials:
Nearly all forestry and agro-waste material can be made into wood pellets such as:
(1) Wood pellet technology programs (forestry waste)
(2) Straw pelleting process (wheat straw, corn stalks, rice straw)
(3) Forage particles and briquetting process (barley, alfalfa grass, Pennisetum)
(4) Animal waste treatment process (chicken manure, pig manure)
(5) Waste treatment process scheme (MSW - fertilizer)
The final pellets can be used for industrial boilers and large power plants as well as home heating.
The raw material must have a particle size of 3-5mm or below. To produce quality pellets with a good mechanical durability, the raw material must have consistent moisture content of between on average 10-30 %.

Advantages of the final products:
1.High denisty
2.High fuel value
3.Low moisture
4.Low ash content
The size of the final products is 2-18mm,it is also depend on your requirements!

Equipment features
1.Highprecision involute helical has been adopted for direct transmission,which ensures higher transmission efficiency.
2.The spindle and conjoined hollow shaft are made of German imported structural alloy steel by water for forging,tough turning,heat treatment and accurat grinding,with reasonable structure and uniform hardness,which improves the fatigue resistance and wear resistance of components and ensures more reliable and safer operation.
3.The mainframe cabinet is made of highquality steel by precision casting,with uiform thickness and compact structure,which provides stronger support for normal operation.
4.Japanese-imported high-precision bearings as well as American imported wear-resistant and heatresistant fluororubber oil seal have been applied in the transmission part,and moreover,lubricating oil return system is particularly added,with circulating cooling of oil circuit and self-timing oil feed for lubrication,which ensures the bearings fully lubricated and the operation sate and reliable.
5.Highquality silent bearings with longer service life and safer running performance have been applied along with thin oil circulating cooling lubricated and the operation safe and reliable.
6.The ring die is made of highgrade stainless high nickel steel by fine process with reasonable unique compression ratio and with better quality,longer service and lower production cost.

Take the high quality alloy steel as the raw material,a ring of this series of flat die mold,high strength,surface hardness can reach HRC59-61,hardened layer depth of 1.2mm,with strong wear resistance,hardness is less than HRC3,to prevent cracking,in the process of using off block,eccentric wear and so on,greatly improving the service life of die!