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Buhler ring die customization
We (FDSP) can manufacture the ring dies of different materials, types and hole diameters which are compatible with all top brand pelletizers, such as ANDRITZ, CPM, BUHLER, ZHENGCHANG, MUYANG, SHENDE etc.
Please offer the drawing and specifications of ring dies if you need.

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Product characteristics
1.Full automatic CNC ring die drilling machine is applied to make sure the size accuracy and uniformity of pellets, as well as the uniformity of ring die wearing. Vacuum heat treatment technology ensures the quality and working life of ring dies.
1.Rich ring die processing experience ensures the depth and opening ratio of the hole of ring die which can satisfy different requirements of poultry, livestock and aqua feed, thus improves the pelleting efficiency.
2.Good shaping and high uniformity, which solves the problem that pellets break off before cut.
3.High output and the production efficiency of the same size are much higher than ring dies of other brands.


Dies-steel mould

Our dies are manufactured in the following steels:
· X46Cr13 (i.e."stainless" steel or "chrome-steel") 
· 20MnCr5 (i.e."alloy" steel)
· 18NiCrMo5 (i.e. similar to 20MnCr·5 but with a higher alloy content).
The X46Cr13 steel dies are vacuum / through hardened. The heat treatment achieves 53-55HRc hardness on the surface and in the core. The high chrome content makes it corrosion resistant. Although it costs more than a normal alloy, X46Cr13 is by far the most common material used through out the feed milling industry.

Dies-perfect drilling

FDSP ring dies have an extremely precise and regular perforation: the "honey comb" layout of the holes is faultless.

Deep hole via gun drill drilling: ring die holes array evenly, uniform wall thickness between holes, to ensure ring die works successfully in pellet mill with smooth surface of pellet. It is important to upgrade smooth and polish level of ring die holes in order to decrease temperature difference, lower energy consumption, raise capacity, and reduce loss of nutrition FDSP reach international advanced level relate to hardness of ring die, evenness and smoothness of holes.

Vacuum heat treatment

1.Suitable hardening temperature of vacuum furnace ensures higher hardness and impact toughness.
2.Suitable drawing temperature ensures no cracks of ring dies and little wear of hole and surface, which improves the workinglife.
3.In same loading, adding backfill air pressure will boost die's cooling and hardness.
4.CNC control technology ensures the stability of ring dies.