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Mesh cable tray

We have Germany-type mesh cable tray, French-type mesh cable tray, and basket-type mesh cable tray. Also, we can customize different kinds of mesh cable tray, ladder cable tray and cable way cable tray depend on customers’ request.

The open structure of mesh cable tray enables the maximum ventilation and heat dissipation of cable, just like mounted in the air. The heat will not gather together, so it can save energy consumption and optimize the cable’s performance. The open structure can also avoid the gather of water, dust and debris, to prevent the bacteria breeding easily. It is cleaner and can reduce the risk of fire or other safety hazards.

All the special parts including turns, three-ways, four-ways, lintels, etc, will be processed by straight tray onsite and do not need to be finished in the factory. It can save the expensive customizing cost and time and finish the project sooner.

Mesh cable tray is widely applicable in different industries including petroleum, chemical, steel, food and beverage, banking, transportation, office, computer room and other. It increasingly enjoy customers’ favor in domestic and abroad.

Surface treatment: electrogalvanizing, electro-galvanized, zinc-nickel, dacromet, HDG(hot-dip galvanizing),passivation, electrolytic polishing.

Trough straight cable tray

Specifications: The specifications can be customized depend on the project.

Production process: Computerized design, mechanical and moulded production;

Hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment.


It features of flexible assembly, quick installation, easy maintenance, and is widely used in electrical control distribution cable and wire laying in indoor, outdoor, cable trenches, tunnels and other engineering.