CE Approve Horizontal Feed Mixer

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Product Features of Animal Feed Mixer 

New generation jiangsu liangyou Efficient Mixer mixed evenly 30 seconds can be 3% Enhance the, & Large Increase Mixer mixed evenly Value in use 

1,The door shaft and the connecting rod mechanism is improved, make sure to open the door when the door opening angle greater than 90 degrees ( feed does not fall on the door ), when the door is closed to lock; 

2,Discharge door structure improvement, increasing the sealing engagement surface, better sealing without leakage; 

3,The unique design of the return air system, to ensure that the full range of feeding process in a steady air flow; 

4,Having high mixing uniformity, there is no dead corner, short mixing time; each batch will be mixed evenly in 30-120 seconds; 

5,The discharging of reliable sealing, no leakage, loading capacity of large variable range; fitted with oil adding pipelines, can add a variety of liquid; The machine structure compact with good shape, covers an area of space less than other mixing equipment.

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