CE Certified Ring Die For Pellet Machine

CE Certified Ring Die For Pellet Machine
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Product Details

Product Feature of ring die for straw pellet machine

(1). Diameter of the specification:6-10mm

(2). Material:high quality stainless steel ,wear resistant alloy steel.

(3). Mainly applied to 420-type and 688-type biomass pellet mill.

The Function of ring die for straw pellet machine


Dies-perfect drilling

FDSP ring dies have an extremely precise and regular perforation: the "honey comb" layout of the holes is faultless.

Deep hole via gun drill drilling: ring die holes array evenly, uniform wall thickness between holes, to ensure ring die works successfully in pellet mill with smooth surface of pellet. It is important to upgrade smooth and polish level of ring die holes in order to decrease temperature difference, lower energy consumption, raise capacity, and reduce loss of nutrition FDSP reach international advanced level relate to hardness of ring die, evenness and smoothness of holes.

Main Features of FDSP ring die

1,Hole smooth,long working life and high output

2,Competitive price

3,Quick delivery

4,About 20years of production experience

5,Quality control:ISO9001:2000

6,Hole Diameter:Feed size 2-12mm; wood pellet size 6-12mm or other sizes customized

7,Wear resistance,corrosion resistance,heat resistance,fatigue resistance,impact resistance.

Specification customized:
We can supply ring die for all the main brands of pellet machine such as ANDRITZ, CPM, IEMME, JKAP, SOGEM, SPROUT(UMT), MATADOR(UMT),MABRIK,BUEHLER, PALADIN, PTN, PROMILL,YEMMAK etc.

Custom dimensions and drawings of ring die are welcome. We can produce dies with hole patterns to customer specification or manufacture dies to our own hole pattern designs based on our professional experience.