CE Pellet Ring Die For Pellet Machine

CE Pellet Ring Die For Pellet Machine
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Measurement of ring die dimension
Inspect the dimension of forging stock according to the order contract, measure with vernier caliper, and the deviation shall be less than ±1mm.Based on the inner circle, rotating table and dial indicator shall be applied to inspect outer circle of forging stock and face runout, with deviation less than 1.0mm.

Main Manufacturing Process of Ring die

1.Forging and Lathing:

Extremely precise forging and lathing assure high dimensional accuracy, bright and clean surface.


2.Die Hole processing:

Advanced Germany gun drill equipment, tools and drilling hole software are used in die hole processing: High accuracy of die hole positon; High rotating speed and imported tools and cooling liquid ensures process conditions as drilling required; Small roughness of the processed die hole, ensure pelleting output and quality; Quality and service life of die is guaranteed.


How to maintain and inspect the ring die?

1. The pellet rollers should be correctly adjusted, make sure the hole inlets are not damaged by contact with the rollers or as a result of tramp metal;

2. Material should be evenly distributed across the whole working area;

3. Make sure that all holes work uniformly, opening the clogged holes if necessary;

4. When changing dies, carefully inspect the condition of the die seating surfaces and fixing systems including collar, clamp or wear ring.

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