Chicken Feed Animal Feed Hammer Mill

Chicken Feed Animal Feed Hammer Mill
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SFSP series hammer mill ,can grinding various kind of pellet material and feed ,such as corn,sorghum,wheat and barley;After broken bread and other materials, widely used in all kinds of feed mills, oil, alcohol plant, citric acid factory, etc.



→ The grinding chamber is water-drop type, effectively eliminate the circulation phenomenon in the process of grinding;

→ U-shaped second grinding mechanism is on the bottom of the grinding chamber, which can effective increase output capacity, much more uniform particle size.

→ Rotor passes the dynamic balance testing with the advantages of low noise and work stable

→ Adopts imported SKF bearing long operating life and little maintenance.

→ Sliding type operation, easy to maintenance and change screen.

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Details Pictures of Hammer Mill:

  • Good Wear Parts——Hammer Beater & Slice

  • SKF Imported Bearing & Siemens Motor

  • High Strength Compact Structure

  • Heavy Duty Base


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Typical Project Sections

FDSP has sold Feed machinery and fertilizer machinery throughout China and exported to Korea, South Africa, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran etc.

  • A complete set of fertilizer production line with capacity of 10tph was exported to South Korea in 2008;

  • A complete set of pulverized coal pellet production line with capacity of 30t/h was exported to South Africa in 2009.

  • Three complete sets of feed production lines were exported to Egypt with capacity of 10tph, 15tph and 20tph respectively from 2010 to 2012.