Chinese Wood Pelletizer Machine

Chinese Wood Pelletizer Machine
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Our company is specialized in manufacturing ring die wood chips pellet mill, sawdust pellet mill, softwood pellet machine, hardwood pellet machine, wood chips pellet mill, coal fines pelletiser and other biofuel pellet mills.

Wood pellet mill Processed Materials:
Any type of agri-forestry waste can be used:wood waste, sorbs, branch, palm tree,sugarcane residue, saw dust , medical slag, hay, discarded edible fungus bags;bean stalk,wheat stalk, corn stalks, cotton stalks, sunflower stalks, mustard stalk, rice stalks,rice husk, coffee Husk, cotton shell, peanut shell, rice shell, coconut shell.

Wood pellet mill Applications:
1.You can sell local market for house stove 
2.For generate electricity


Wood pellet mill in Whole Production Line:
The biomass energy pellet production line includes the cutter or wood chipper, crusher,drier, mixer, pellet mill, cooler, screener, packing machine and other supporting machines in the plant. We have three grades of the wood machinery line,and our engineer will design the suitable machinery for you according to your demands and budget.

Wood pellet mill Main advantages:

1.Using industrial-grade reducer drive structure,further optimize the speed ratio,make the perfect combination of transmission efficiency and durability. Its excellent performance by no means simple gear or belt drive models can be compared.

2.Change the blockage to dredge,proceed from the structure, completely change the pellet machine after long-term use raw materials increased leakage conditions.

3.Optimization of automatic lubrication system,on the basis of without downtime to realize automatic lubricating the bearing on various parts of the machine, further equipped with a pressure value to induction grease filling quantity and timely automatically adjusted,really perfect lubrication and save per gram of grease.

4. Optimized the lifter of the pelleting chamber to enhance pelleting efficiency and quality again.

5. In the traditional made of alloy material and heat treatment of roller manufacturing process,again for a second special processing,make the durability of the roller to the next level,to achieve the industry-leading level.