Circulation Fumigation System For Storage Steel Silos

Silo ancillary system: · Cleaning/dust-collecting/measurement system · Conveying system ·Drying system · Level-indicating system · Thermal monitoring system · Ventilation system · Circulation fumigation system · Control system · Steel structure Circulation Fumigation System Based on the theory...

Product Details

Silo ancillary system: 

·Cleaning/dust-collecting/measurement system

·Conveying system

·Drying system

·Level-indicating system

·Thermal monitoring system

·Ventilation system

·Circulation fumigation system

·Control system

·Steel structure 


Circulation Fumigation System  

Based on the theory of grain storage,aerodynamic circulation theory,chemical control theory,use microcomputer control technology, high performance, security, ideal insecticidal effect.It is the high tech storage and environmentally friendly products.