Closed-End Grooved Roller Shell

Closed-End Grooved Roller Shell
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FDSP can manufacture roller shells of different size and appearance according to your requirements or drawings or samples. Roller shell, commonly known as roller, is one of the main parts of pellet mill. Pellet mill roller shell can be used to process various biofuel pellets, animal feed and other pellets.

Closed-end grooved roller shell description: 

Pellet mill roller shell is made of wear resistant alloy steel with carburization heat treatment, featuring even hardness and long service life. 

Pellet mill machine roller shell is divided into tooth through type, tooth no through type and pass type. Rolling parts such as inner eccentric shaft are precise in size, facilitating space adjustment by customers between roller and ring die according to production requirement.

Roller shell is also characterized by ease of mounting and replacing.

roller shell


  1. Select correctly appropriate die hole compression ratio

  2. Correctly adjust the working clearance between ring die and roller, from 0.1 to 0.3 suitable.(after new pellet mill being switched on, roller, driven by ring die, getting into a state of prerunning,but not rotating.)

  3. New ring die should match new roller to use.Roller connecting with ring die must be loose in front and tight in back.When roller two sides appear sharp corners, it should be timely used hand grinder to blunt the flange part so as to have a good connection of roller and ring die.

  4. Before raw material fed into pellet mill machine,precleaning and magnetic separation treatment is necessary in order to minimize iron impurities of getting into die hole.Checking regularly the die hole is also essential to see whether the die is blocked and accordingly clean the blocked die hole.

  5. If plastic deformation happens to ring die guiding material cone hole,causing hole shrinking, it must be repaired.During repairing, pay attention to that ring die inner surface lowest height must be 2mm higher than the bottom of overtravel groove.In addition,the eccentric shaft adjusting must allows an extra, otherwise ring die should be scraped.