Competitive Price 300T Storage Silo

Competitive Price 300T Storage Silo
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Brief introduction of steel food silo

Grain storage are widely used in poultry farm, rice mill, flour mill, soybean-oil mill, brewery plant and so on to store bulk grain (such as bulk wheat, corn, rice, paddy, sorghum, soya etc.), animal feed, cereal seeds, plastic pellet, wooden pellet etc. 

FDSP manufacture grain silos for grain storage with capacity of 5010000tons, which are made of hotdip galvanized steel sheets and can be used 20~50 years. FDSP grain silos manufacturers for grain storage have passed CE&ISO certification.


Here are some advantages of grain silo:

1.Reliable design

All of FDSP silo project designs are provided by prestigious zhejiang University, the strength of silo,resistance coefficient of the typhoon and the bending resistance data are perfectly calculated by experts.

2.State of the art manufacturing technology

Every parts of the cement silo are manufactured by advanced cutting and drilling technology, they are implemented with unique surface cleaning procedure then painted with fine coating.

3.Short production period

FEDP grain steel silo is in modular production, every components are produced by stream-lined workshop, in this way, we can significantly reduce the production cycle, so as to ensure fast delivery.

4.Excellent sealing condition

Between every junctions, we insert special silicone rubber and compress them from 5mm into 1mm, the strong elasticity effect will automatically fill in every possible leaks, we also use glass cement to seal the surface of the junction, so as to re-ensure the sealing condition and prevent any infiltration of moisture.

5.Easy delivery and installation

Corn storage bins are produced in parts, they can be easily packed into containers regardless of the size, since all the manufacturing process are finished in factory, all you need to do is to assemble the parts of silos after delivery, that will save you quite amount of time.

Process flow diagram of FDSP corn maize silo

Intake System——Cleaning System——Drying System (for your choice)——Storage System——Discharge System