Corn Grinder For Chicken Feed

Corn Grinder For Chicken Feed
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Feature of chicken feed grinding machine

1 Reasonable design of grinding chamber, Increasing pass ratio of material. 
2 Reasonable and safe sieve pressing mechanism, convenient, quick and safe replacing of sieve 
3 Special design and machined rotor assembly, ensure more smoothly, reliable and safe running. 
4 Main motor and the filter system are interlock controlled, ensuring filter bag have good ventilating ability and increase capacity 
5 Key part adopts imported product, increasing service life, reducing the cost of operation and maintenance.

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Livestock Poultry Feed Production Line

1  10-80t/h pig feed production line       2  10-20t/h suckling pig feed production line
3  10-80t/h chicken feed production line     4  10-80t/h duck feed, goose feed production line
5  10-60t/h rabbit feed production line



  • Water drop structure, with elegant structure and high grinding efficiency.

  • Directly connected motor, with high driving efficiency and easy maintenance.

  • Maintenance gate is installed by rail structure, which is of simple and convenient operation.

  • Grinding chamber seperation device optional, with high grinding efficiency.

  • U-shape grinding groove at the bottom of grinding chamber, with improvement of grinding efficiency of 50%-80%.

  • Dead Knife optional that can improve the grinding efficiency.

  • Rotor is undertaken dynamic balance test, which can ensure the stable operation and long service time.

  • Rotor rotatng in closewise and anti-closewise direction can prolong the service life og hammers.

  • Screen fix mechianism is equipped with pressing handle, which makes more convenient of replacing of screen.

  • Diameter of screen can be determined according to the technological design.

  • Equipped with inspection and emergent stop device to protect the local worker from any injuries.



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