Counter Flow Biomass Wood Pellet Cooler Machine

Counter Flow Biomass Wood Pellet Cooler Machine
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FDSP is manufacturer own 2factories with over 10years expereince on pellet production line,pellet cooler/ pellet cooling machine is one part of pellet line.
We also provide wood chipper machine,hammer mill,rotary dryer,pellet machine,packing machine and all kinds of conveyors.

Why pellet cooler machine is necessary during production:
1.when pellets coming out of pellet mill,its temperature around 60°C-80°C,use cooling machine to reduce to temperature 3°C~5°C slightly higher than ambient temperature,
2.capable of lowering to a safety moisture content.  
3.the cooled pellets improve the pellet firmness
4.can prevent pellet from going mouldy, that it is good for the transportation and storage of pellet feed. 
The feature of pellet cooler machine
1.Counter flow cooling principle is utilized to cool high-temperature and high-moisture particles, so that shock chilling phenomenon caused by direct contact of cold air and hot materials, and surface cracking of particles can be prevented.
2.The latest octagonal cooling box design is adopted so that there is no cooling dead angle.
3.Rotary feeder is adopted so that the inlet air area is large and the cooling effect is obvious.
4.Slide valve reciprocating type discharging mechanism is adopted, so that the movement is stable and reliable and the residual amount is small.
5.Low energy consumption, and easy and convenient operation.
6.The finished product temperature is less than 3ºC to 5ºC higher of the room temperature, and the machine is suitable for cooling particle materials.
7.Cooler with flap type discharging mechanism is optional, hydraulic discharging mechanism is adopted, and it usually applied to cooling puffed and expanded materials.
Technical Parameter of Pellet cooler machine:

Cooling time(min)Less than 10-15Mins
Temperature after Cooling(°C)Not higher than ambient temperature +3~5ºC
Power of Airlock (kw)0.550.751.11.51.5

Tips for operating pellet cooler machine:
1.Start the air-lock device and draught fan before the cooler starting to work.
2.Adjust the level indicator position according to the yield requirement. When the yield is high, install the level indicator at top position; on the contrary, install it below.
3.When the cooler stops working, expel the material in the cooler through operating the hand switch.
4.Don't open the observation door when the cooler runs.

How to Maintain pellet cooler machine?
1.Check the fastenings periodically to see if they are loose and falling off or not.
2.Clean the cooling zone plates on time, ensure the air current is unobstructed.
3.Add lubricating oil to the bearings and electric motor at fixed periods.