cow feed mixing machine

cow feed mixing machine
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SDHJ single shaft paddle mixer is a high-performance batch mixer, can be able to mix free flow of dry solid materials. Cow Feed Mixing Machine is mainly used in feed, flour and other grain processing industry. Due to the features of raw material and adding the liquid, this high speed mixer can add liquid ratio is 5%, also it can provide the capacity range of 1000 to 8000 liters of various types.

feed mixer Cattle Feed Mixer

Main Features of competitive low cost cow feed mixing machine 

1. Designed and manufactures by several scientific research units with the summing-up of essence of dual-shaft paddle mixers at home and abroad, SSHJ Dual-shaft Paddle High-efficient Mixer is an ideal mixing equipment with low speed, high efficiency, power saving and high quality.

2. Each batch of material can generally by mixed to homogeneity within 30-120 seconds. 

3. Full-length open-door structure is adopted at the bottom for discharging, so discharging is quick without remainder. 4.The seal of discharging door is reliable with out phenomenon of material leakage. The load has a wide changeable scope. 

5. There is a built-in oil-adding pipe and various liquids can be largely added. Cow Feed Mixing Machinehas the features of compact structure, fine appearance, less occupying space than other mixing equipment, quick and gentle mixing, stable performance, low noise, no dust, no environmental pollution, etc.

6. It has high mixing homogeneity and short mixing period without dead mixing corner.

Fedd mixer machine in turnkey project

feed mixer Cattle Feed Mixer

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