Customized Rollers For CPM, Buhler Pellet Mill

Customized Rollers For CPM, Buhler Pellet Mill
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Product Details

Product characteristics:

1. Material: alloy steel, spring steel, bearing steel

2. Special thermal treatment ensures better wear resisting, and pelletizing performance.

3. Long working life

4. Groove and appearance: according to customers’ requirements. Normally: close-end grooved roller shell, honeycombed roller shell, drum-hole groove roller, open-end grooved drum roller shell, deflective-grooved roller shell etc.

Our ring dies and roller shells are well sold all over the world, We can also make all kinds of pellet mill roller shells as per customers' drawing. We have every part you need to keep your equipment running smoothly.

About FDSP

We are manufacturing feed mill complete project, biomass processing complete project,compound fertilizer processing. We can also provide grinding and pulverizing; dosing and mixing; pelleting; extruding and expanding; cooling, crumbling and sieving; stabilizing, drying, coating and bagging; compact feed mill, cleaning, magnets; conveying, universal equipment and spare parts, such as dies, rollers, roller shells and so on.