Customized Rollers For CPM Pelley Machine

Customized Rollers For CPM Pelley Machine
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Product Details

We can make following roller shell models:
CPM, Andritz Sprout, Van Arssen, Matador, Buehler, Paladin, PTN, Amandus Kahl, Yemmak etc

Product characteristics:

1. Material: alloy steel, spring steel, bearing steel

2. Special thermal treatment ensures better wear resisting, and pelletizing performance.

3. Long working life

4. Groove and appearance: according to customers’ requirements. Normally: close-end grooved roller shell, honeycombed roller shell, drum-hole groove roller, open-end grooved drum roller shell, deflective-grooved roller shell etc.

Main machines for making roller shell

Why We Need Spare Parts ?
Maintenance is necessary for every machine after working a period of time. Pellet mill roller shell is one of the primary working components for pellet mill, used to process different kinds of biomass pellet fuel, feed pellet, wood pellet and so on.
We are a professional manufacturer specialized in roller shells and other pellet mill spare parts like ring die ,bearings, shafts and so on with about 20 years experiences. Our roller shells enjoy high abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, which make sure roller shells get long service life.