Debarker For Biomass Pellet Plant

Debarker For Biomass Pellet Plant
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Debarker for Biomass Pellet Plant 

The debarker is suitable for the fresh logs. And the species of trees should be those whose barks are easily to be debarked, such as poplar and eucalyptus. 


1.Log Debarker or Peeling machine has two types. single-roll debarker machine and double rolls debarker machine. adopts open bin, canfeed from a head, a head discharging pipeline operations, to overcome the existing drum-type peeling machine power feeding, to overcome the existing drum-type peeling machine power feeding, discharging segmented work mode, high work efficienc 

2.Strong adaptability, not limited to wood species. 

3.Low energy consumption, low failure rate, repair workload of the small , small noise, no need to install base, easy to use. 

Brief introduction for log debarker 

Wood Barking machine is suitable for large, medium and small paper mills, pulp mill, wood factory, wood processing plant, forestry factory, timber yard, artificial board factory (such as plywood plant, medium density fiberboard factory etc.). The rotor with barking teeth produce unique forces, which make cutlog and cutlog, cutlog and silo rub, impact, extrusion, pinch so that the bark fastly separate to achieve the effect of high rotor barking machine. 

Details of log debarker

wood debarker

Features of wood debarker: 

Tooth Roller debarking machine is the special equipment used to peel the barks from the raw logs, to get clearing wood logs. This machine is designed and been improved by us, the structure is compact and productivity is high, easily processing large volumes of wood in any of its forms with low loss of valuable fiber. With high efficiency, low pow

er consumption and easy operation, the type of debarker machine comes more and more popular in wood handling industry.


Our products have passed CE certification long before, also the pellets is with SGS certification. Our company is with ISO9001 certification.

Besides, we have a professional technical team, with two departments for developing single machine and customizing complete pellet line solution. Most of our engineers are with over 20 years' experience in this field and also have a lot of experience in overseas projects.

With our outstanding technical team, we have earned a lot of certifications for our machines, together with a lot of patented design.