Direct Manufacturer Ring Die, Pellet Die For Pellet Mill

Direct Manufacturer Ring Die, Pellet Die For Pellet Mill
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Product Details

Ring Die Description
1. Uniform hole taper
2. Smooth hole surface
3. Good inside structure
4. Excellent drilling process
5. Uniform hole design and pattern
6. Advanced gundrill machine provides fine surface inside die holes
7. Polishing inside and outside surface to make good cut for the feed
8. Automatic drilling machinery provides good hole design and accurate hole pattern
9. The adopted of high-quality for export feedstock to ensure quality of raw materials
10. According customer requirement and material characteristics, design various suitable hole diameters

Material TypeFeed TypeHoles Diameter of ring die
High starch feedφ2-φ6
2Pellet of livestock and poultryHigh energy feedφ2-φ6
3Pellet of aqua feedHigh protein feedφ1.5-φ3.5
4Pellet of compound fertilizerFeed include ureaφ3-φ6
5Pellet of hopsHigh fibre feedφ5-φ8
6Pellet of chrysanthemumHigh fibre feedφ5-φ8
7Pellet of peanut shellHigh fibre feedφ5-φ8
8Pellet of cottonseed hullHigh fibre feedφ5-φ8
9Pellet of turfHigh fibre feedφ5-φ8

We can manufacture different kinds of ring dies according to clients' requirements
Excellent Process
Advanced Equipment
1. Select quality forging stock, but general companies select casting stock
2. Use gun drill, the hole is completed by one time, nice appearance, high capacity
3. Use vacuum quenching furnace and advanced treatment craft, ensure twice service life
4. Strong R& D help customer design compression ratio and strength according to requirements, ensure pelleting effect and high quality of product

Company Information
FDSP is specialized in the production of ring die and rollers for all the main brands of pellet mills, with more than 20 year of manufacturing experience and professional advanced technical team, we insist on providing high quality and strong durable products to our customers.Our Target Is Not Only The Production Of Ring Dies, But Also For The High Quality Feed With You  

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