Double Screw Heads of Extruder

Double Screw Heads of Extruder
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The raw material enters the rolling mill to filter away impurities such as scrap iron, stone, etc, to ensure the safely of the roller of the calendar. During the process of rolling, the threshing of the screw rod promotes the uniform plasticization of the plastics, and heat preservation by heating can be adopted of stabilizing the process.

Equipment list

1. Technical parameter

Rotary speed: 75r/min;


Motor power: DC110kW, n=1500m/min;

Capacity: 1500~2000kg/h;

Material of screw and barrel: 38CrMoALA nitrogen treated


2. Main character

Double die heads which operated with hydraulic pressure;

DC timing;

With automatic opening the die head when the electric is off to avoid the coke charge


1. PVC Artificial Leather;

2. PVC film

3. PVC plastic floor

4. PVC plastic sheet

5. Plastic mixer

6. Rubber mixer