Farm Machienry Fish Feed Extruder

Farm Machienry Fish Feed Extruder
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Product Details


1. Consists of a feeding system, conditioner, an extruder for a high pressure and temperature and temperature process and finally a cutter system; 

2. Screw adopts modular design with single and / or double flight screws; The "split-barrel" design enables quick and easy recovery after unfortunate blockage as well as easy; 

3.Change of the wear resistant liner; 4. The barrels sections are supported by an adjustable suspension system which allows the machine to be opened and reassembled without loss of alignment.


Functional features: 

1.The major parts of extruding machine are made of special alloy after thermal processing,stable and durable.

2.This machine is equipped with auto-feeding and mass adjusting device,with a leading extruding effect.

3.Low energy consumption,high output,suitable for application in large.medium and small sized farms,feed factories and food factories.

Technical description

Longer Service Life Complete Fish Feed Production Line/ Feed Pellet Extruder Machine/Animal Feed Plant