FDSP Biomass Drum Wood Log Chipper

FDSP Biomass Drum Wood Log Chipper
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Product Description
We produce biomass pellet making line machines, such as wood logs debarking machine, wood logs splitter, wood sawdust making machine, wood chipper, hammer mill, grass/straw cutter, straw bale crusher, pellet machine and briquette machine, dryer and cooler, screener, mixer, biomass pellet boiler, pellet packing machine and all conveyors e. C. T. For wood chipper, we have two types, one is drum wood chipper, the other is disc wood chipper, for drum wood chipper details, as below:
1. Large wood chipper is mainly used to crush big wood logs or timber wood branches, furniture waste, long bamboo into small chips, the thickness of last chips is 1.5mm-3mm, length and width about 20-50mm, the knives gap can be adjusted, then outlet chips dimension will be adjusted.
2. Large wood chipper contains 4m length feeding belt conveyor, when conveying logs, the speed can be adjusted. Also it can connect with outlet conveyor to transport away crushed wood chips. The outlet conveyor can be installed at the chipper bottom or installed at the behind of chipper.
3. Large wood chipper has knives grinder, which can grind knives newer after certain time, no need to change knives often. The full unite wood chipper contains 4m length feeding conveyor, outlet conveyor, knives grinder, electrical control cabinet etc.

4. Large wood chipper has limit feeding door dimension, for example GX216 feed door size is 230*500mm, means raw wood logs should be smaller than 23*50cm, but length no limit, feeding speed can be adjusted.

Main technical parameters:

Rotor Dia(mm)3006508008001000
Number of flying knives(pcs)22222*2
Feed opening size(mm)120*300180*500225*680240*780330*1050
Knife rotor speed(rpm)730590650650550
Feed speed(m/min)3837.2373833
Max dia of logCutting bark120160160190
Wood chips length(mm)2630303030
Main motor power(kw)4555110132220
Feed roller motor power(kw)2*1.12*32*42*5.52*7.5
Overall dimension(L*W*H)3681*870*9004348*2056*12584670*2150*15004670*2250*15152850*2790*1497

Cutting logs, branches, slab, waste veneer, bamboo, cotton stalks, and other non-wood fiber stems into dimensional chips which are the essential material for the production of particle board, fire board and paper pulp.