FDSP Series Biomass Pellet Mill

FDSP Series Biomass Pellet Mill
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Biomass wood pellet machine is a kind of machine which could process sawdust,straw dust,rice husk,peanut shell,tree branches etc biomass through pre-treatment and process.Those biomass material will be solidified into high-density pellet fuel.

Wide range raw material of biomass pellets machine.

Biomass pellet machine is mainly used for agro forestry residues ,such as straw ,cotton stalk , rice husk ,peanut shell ,bamboo,empty fruit branch,pulverized coal and waste paper etc.

Biomass wood pellet application.

Fuel for Burning(85-90%)
Hole 6/8/10mm: Household stoves
Hole 8/10mm: Industrial

Heating value: 17.5-19.5MJ/kg.
Density: 1.1-1.5kg/cm3
Moisture: ≤ 8%.
Ash content: <1.5%.


Comparision of flat die and ring die wood pellet mill machine  

You may find several types pellet machine in China market. Flat die wood pellet machine and ring die wood pellet mill are very common. Well, what is the difference between them? 

Flat die wood pellet mill :

1. High operational cost( rapid equipment wear and more maintenance);

2. Be used for small scale(<500kg/day) animal feed or wood pellets;

3. The price of equipment is cheap, and service time is short.

Ring die wood pellet mill :

1. Low operational cost, the equipment(not quickly wear out with a bit of care),;

2. Popular and widely used feed or wood pellet production with capacity from medium to large(>500kg/hour), 

3. The price is expensive;service time is much longer.

4. The durability of pellets from ring die machine is better than flat die machine.