Feed Feed Mixer From FDSP Machinery Manufacturers

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Feed Mixer from Machinery Manufacturers Characters
Wide range of application
Applicable to a wide range of industries materials mixing, effective volume in body; you can add a variety of liquids (such as water, molasses, oil, etc)
Good quality
Smooth, gentle mixing, do not damage the original characteristics of materials.
High production efficiency
Short mixing time (45-60/batch), coefficients of variation (CV) is less than 5%, and low tons of power consumption.
Less residue
Original "machine with full length double door" patented technology, quickly dicharge and maximum reduction residues.
Large access door, reasonable dedign, convenient cleaning mintenance, savig time.Access door with limit switch can ensure worker's safety.

Pictures of FDSP feed mixer for chicken feed processing

double shaft feed mixer

ribbon feed mixer

Feed Mixer from FDSP Machinery Manufacturers Parameter