Feed Machine Steel Roller/pellet Mill Roller

Feed Machine Steel Roller/pellet Mill Roller
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Product Details

FDSP is a professional manufacturer of roller shells,sawdust roller shell, deflective-grooved roller shell, open-end grooved roller shell,open-end grooved drum roller, drum-hole groov roller shell, pellet press roller shell etc.


Specifications Of Roller Shell

1.All roller-shells are manufactured using high carbom steels.
2.All roller-shells are surface-hardened up to 58-62HRC
3.Hardening depth is 6-7mm for C50 steel.
4.The heat treatment is characterized by uniform hardening and hardening depth to ensure maximum durabilty.
5.All our products are finished by skilled staff.
6.Roller-shell surface hardening is tested before delievery to ensure premium quality.                                       

The Basic Theory

Inside the ring die of pellet mill, there is double roller shells mounted on an eccentric, turn on a rotating shaft as friction develops. The mutual pressure between ring die and roller shells overcomes the resistance when feed is forced through the die holes in high speed so that dissections of finished pellets become tight layers of feed mixture. The die is driven by a motor and the roller shell turn only as feed between rolls and pellet press dies develops friction.