FDSP Brand Ring Die Feed Pellet Making Machine

FDSP Brand Ring Die Feed Pellet Making Machine
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Feed pellet making machine Superiorities:
* Widely used equipments with mature technology.
* Driven by high precision gear transmission system which ensures high productivity(about 20% higher than belt transmission) and low energy consumption.
* Using imported SKF bearings & NAK to get better transmission performance, stable operation and less noise.
* Feeding device adopts frequency conversion speed regulating motor to guarantee the particles quality.
* Multiple aperture ring die for choice, excellent craft of ring die with long service life to make smooth and high quality.
* The international advanced compensation type spring coupling device is of novel and compact structure, safety, reliable, and low failure rate.
* Overload protection and electrical control system to ensure normal operation.
* Extra large conditioner and jacket conditioner can be chosen to meet clients’ special requirements to enhance particles tempering and hardening effects.
* Compared with flat die pellet mill, ring die pellet mill is more efficient and suitable for large scale production of animal feed pellets.

ring die pellet mill

Part exhibition

Part exhibition of pellet machine


Application of feed pellet making machine

This series pellet machine can press all kinds of  crops straws grass,grain powder into pellets, whoes diameter is φ 1, φ2, φ3, φ4, φ4.5, φ5, φ6, φ8, φ10,φ 12mm, the length is 3-7cm. It can be chosen according to different requirements. Then the pellets can as feedstuffs for many kinds of animals like fish ,shrimp ,chicken , cow,cattle,duck ,goose ,horse,sheep ,dog,pig,rabbit,and so on.


Related production line: 

A complete animal feed production line includes: Hammer Process, Mixing Process, Pelletizing Process, Cooling Process, Crumbling Process, Sieving Process and Packaging Process.

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Packing & Delivery


Depending on customers' requirement,such as Steel Frame or Iron crate etc.

Our shipping operator and delivering equipments will be ready on time to ensure goods shipped based on Sales Order requirement.

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