High Output Feed Pelletizer With Siemens Motor

High Output Feed Pelletizer With Siemens Motor
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Feed pelletizer adopts mature technology to make high quality animal feed pellets for chicken, cattle,horse,duck etc with large-scale production. Based on the outstanding features of its high throughput, low consumption and mature technology, ring die feed pellet mill has become more and more popular and possess broad market share at home and abroad. It is an ideal equipment for animal and poultry breeding in grain feed factory, livestock farm, poultry farm, individual farmers, feed processing industry, etc. 

Feed pelletizer

Features of feed pelletizer:

1.This feed production machine is equipped with screw feeder controlled with permanent magnet to removing iron impurities.

2. Stainless steel conditioner makes even retention and sufficient cooking effect. 

3. Gear directly-connecting driving is adopted for high accuracy and efficiency. The output can increase 20% comparing to pellet mill driven by belts. 

4. High quality bearings(SKF/NSK), oil seal( from Germany) is adopted to makes operation smoothly. 

5. Main gear and pinion shaft adopt the carbonizing quenching with high accuracy, to ensure smooth driving, low noise and long service life.

6.S shape coupling is used with advantage of high capability of retrieve displacement.

7. The die is quickly assembled and disassembled; die hoist is optional. 

8. Applicable for all kinds of high grade animal/livestock/aqua feed. Double or three layers of conditioner is optional.

9. Speed-adjust feeding, adopted by this machine, can control the feeding capacity correctly to fit for different and meet the production requirement of pellets with different diameters.

10. CE approved.

Advantages of feed pelletizer:

  1. First class quality with competitive price

  2. Compact design, optimal use of the work areas

  3. Smooth starting and stopping, Better material handling characteristics

  4. good for digestion

  5. Saving electricity and labor 

Detailed Pictures of FDSP poultry feed machine 

-----Effective Gear Drive Structure

poultry feed machine

-----Wear Parts: Ring Die & Roller Shell

ring die and roller shell



Working Principle

Raw materials with water content no greater than 15% enter into screw feeder through hopper, through adjusting the rotational speed of screw feeder axis to obtain the suitable flow of material, the security magnets remove the magnetic impurity mingling with supplies, then through the enforced feeder, enter the pressing room to pelletize finally.

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Company View

As a professional manufacturer of feed machines , FDSP has more than 20 years'

experience in designing and manufacturing turnkey feed pellet lines for domestic and overseas customers. 

Our products have been exported to over 30 countries all over the world including South Africa, Iran, UAE, Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, etc and we are looking forward to working with you in future!



Our products have passed CE certification long before, also the pellets is with SGS certification. Our company is with ISO9001 certification.

Besides, we have a professional technical team, with two departments for developing single machine and customizing complete pellet line solution. Most of our engineers are with over 20 years' experience in this field and also have a lot of experience in overseas projects.

With our outstanding technical team, we have earned a lot of certifications for our machines, together with a lot of patented design.