Feed Processing Machine Paddle Mixer Machine

Feed Processing Machine Paddle Mixer Machine
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Jiangsu liangyou Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing advanced double shaft mixer, ribbon mixer, high efficient feed mixer, feed pellet mixer, mixer machine.

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Advantages of paddle mixer machine:

-Be widely used in mixing powdery pellet schistose and taxitic material in the industry of feeding food chemical medicine, pesticide etc.

-The speed of mixing is high, the period of it is short, 30-90 seconds/batch

-The uniformity of mixing is high, CV<5%, no segregation

-Original "closed trough 90 double door" is our patent, it's fast to output, the vestigital of it is less, with good tightness, Patent No.:201020511357.3

-Original "rotation axiz tightness structure" s our patent, the tightness is better, it's working life is longer, Patent No.:201220476190.0

-Specail design of the return air system, insure the air stable

-The air cleaning system to reduce the residual quantity

-We can also make atomized spray system and add grease, molasses, oil etc to make it more uniform

-The machine external material has stainless steel, carbon steel and composite to choose.

The video introduction of single-shaft Paddle Mixer


The paddle mixer machine is designed for mixing uniformly materials. The high efficient mixer is used for mixing powders, granules, flakes, blocks etc materials in feed, food, chemical industry, fertilizer industry and etc.

Details& Working Principle

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