Fertilizer Pellets Counter Flow Cooler

Fertilizer Pellets Counter Flow Cooler
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Product Details

Cooling Process:
This machine is designed to cool the fertilizer pellets.It can decrease the temperature of the fertilizer pellets.After the drying process,the temperature of the fertilizer pellet is too high and easy caking,so we need use cooler to reduce the temperature,such this the fertilizer pellet is easy to store and transport.In the process,we choose FKLB series Counter flow Cooler.

Fertilizer Pellets Counter-flow Cooler
FKLB series Counter-flow Cooler's Features as followes:
1.Take advantage of counter flow cooling principle;cool the high temp and high moisturepellet,avoid the shock cooling when the cold air directly contact with hot material,inthis case,it prevent the pellet from cracking on surface.
2.Pneumatic or hydraulic pushing flap type discharging structure,more stable operation,less remain.
3.Cooling chamber adopts octagonal type,with inspection window aroud.
4.Buffer bin around adopts arc angle,with less remain adopt advanced upper and below level indicator,high automation
5.Suitable for fertilizer pellet cooling.
6.Pellet temperature after cooling is less than  +3ºC~5ºC ambient temperature.
7.Low power consumption, easily operation

Technical Parameter :

Cooling Volume(m³)
Cooling time(min)Less than 10-15Mins
Temperature after Cooling(°C)Not higher than ambient temperature +3~5
Power of Airlock (kw)0.550.751.11.11.50

Export countries  of  our  fertilizer machine:
Russia,India,Vietnam,Kazakhstan,Mongolia,Pakistan,Iran,Ecuador,middleeast,Oceania,Europe,America,Thailand,South Africa ,Egype and other countries and areas.

Our  Company Profile:
FDSP company is specialized the manufacturing of fertilizer machinery,feed machinery,biomass machinery,and silos equipment. Our main products are pellet mill,hammer mill,mixer,crumber,cooler,Screener and dryer and related  spare parts  

Our Services
Training & Service
We have advanced  production technology and management. Our  professional engineers and after-sales groups production technology can offer convenient service for our customers .

Pre-sale services: enthusiasm
We provide you with the prophase plan, process flow design and manufacturer equipment according to your special demand.
Sale services: servant
Send technicians to the jobsite for guiding the installation and adjustment, training operators and finishing the check and accept together with you.
After-sale services: faithfulness
To establish long term friendship, we will regularly pay return visit to customers.
In addition, we provide one-year warranty to make sure your machine runs consistently.