Hot Sale Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Hot Sale Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine
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Our company is specialized in manufacturing feed machine. This Aquatic Feed Pellet Machine has been gotten ISO9001:2008,CE certificate.

fish feed pellet machine

Main Advantages of FDSP floating fish feed pellet mill     

  1. High efficiency Gear-driven transmission system and S Shape coupling make the efficiency be above 97%. Compared with belt-driven system, the output can increase 15-20%.

  2. Long service time Siemens motor, SKF/NSK bearing, Germany oil seal, etc these top quality parts make our machine has long service time. Also,gear-box body is made by HT250, which is highly abrasive. Many other manufacturers adopt HT180/HT200.

  3. Easy operation and maintenance Quickly assembled and disassembled ring die is easy to change. It only takes 0.5-1 hour for one worker to change ring die.Compared with vertical ring die machine in China, it saves much more time. Compared with flat die machine and vertical ring die machine in China market, our machine has great advantages for making quality feed pellets. For more details, warmly

FDSP fish feed pellet mill details

fish feed pellet mill details

Conditioners of FDSP floating fish feed pellet mill

The optimum conditioning of feed ensures you to get the highest performance out of a FDSP poultry feed pellet mill . The gain of good conditioning:

*higher production throughput

*better pellet durability

*improved digestibility

*reduced pellet mill power consumption.

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