For Feed Pellet Mill Spare Parts Ring Die

For Feed Pellet Mill Spare Parts Ring Die
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Characteristics of Ring Die

1.Full automatic CNC ring die drilling machine is applied to make sure the size accuracy and uniformity of pellets, as well as the uniformity of ring die wearing. Vacuum heat treatment technology ensures the quality and working life of ring dies.
1.Rich ring die processing experience ensures the depth and opening ratio of the hole of ring die which can satisfy different requirements of poultry, livestock and aqua feed, thus improves the pelleting efficiency.
2.Good shaping and high uniformity, which solves the problem that pellets break off before cut.
3.High output and the production efficiency of the same size are much higher than ring dies of other brands.

 Advantages of Ring Die:

1.Apply the high quality external refining degerming, rather than the general continuous casting; 
2.Using the imported gun-rill and multi-station masses drill. The ring die in once shaping, high polished, nice appearance and high capacity of feed pellets;
3.Apply the treatment process of American vacuum oven and continuous glowing furnace together, to ensure long service life of ring die.
4.With powerful scientific research strength, the compression ratio and intensity can be customized. To ensure once discharging feed pellets, with smooth and nice appearance. Apply the microscopic examination, to make sure high quality of feed products.

Feed animals

The finished pellets can be used to feed all kinds of animals, such as pig, sheep, cow, chicken, duck, horse, shrimp, fish, etc.