Full Automatic Liquid Adding System

Full Automatic Liquid Adding System
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Product Details

Fully automatic weighing type liquid adding system generally works with batching system.

Brief introduction

1.Liquid scale is individually controlled by touch screen. Original batching computer must offer starting or adding signals or directly control.

2.The controlling system can be installed in controlling room or at site, which in convenient for operation.

3.The controller can input some normal formulas in advance by the touch screen, or direct input liquid formula in the computer.

4.Operating steps: determine liquid formula and batch quantity before weighing. Batching computer send starting signal, and then automatic weighing and adding are conducted. After that, controlling room send start adding signal and then spray liquid to mixer. The system will stop when liquid is all discharged. At last, finishing signal will be sent to batching computer. The operations will be recycled in turn.

5.There are two controlling ways: manual and automatic operations. All devices can start or stop individually for manual operation. For automatic operation, liquid will be added into the tank automatically when liquid is at low level, and adding will stop if liquid is at high level.

It is widely applied to weighing type liquid adding system in feed, food, medicine industries etc.