Full Automation Micro Dosing Scale

Full Automation Micro Dosing Scale
Product Details

Full automatic microelement batching scale is a kind of high tech intelligent electrical equipment which was designed for industrial micro material batching system. For powder, pellets, chunks, and bulk materials in various industry environments, it can do the following works automatically and accurately: fully automatic micro material measurement, fully automatic quantitative batching and fully automatic transportation control. It is stable and accurate, greatly improves industrial micro material batching efficiency and totally avoids possible mistakes made by manual batching and dumping. 

Various stock bins, overturning hopper scale and transportation devices are available according to customers’ requirements. And according to the dosing quantity, single scale, double scales and multi scales can be compounded to meet different requirements.

Functions and Features

1. According to material formula set in computer, fully automatic weighing, batching, and transportation can be made accurately. 

2. Failure made by manual batching can be thoroughly avoided. Product quality is thus guaranteed.

3. Deviation of single material dynamic batching shall be not more than ±0.03% of maximum capacity, which is international advanced technology.

4. Batching speed: Batching speed of single material can reach 30kg/28s, based on which packing auger is 110mm and material proportion is 600kg/m³, which is international advanced technology.

5. Three-point hanging system is easy assembly, disassemble and maintenance.

6. Special-made dosing auger is applied for special materials so that both good fluidity and bad fluidity materials can be transported efficiently when dosing.

Fully automatic microelement batching scale is widely applied to feed, food, medical, chemical industries to realize fully automatic batching and automatic transportation of mash and pellet micro material.