Good Chicken Feed Hammer Mill Price For Sale

Good Chicken Feed Hammer Mill Price For Sale
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The Features Of Chicken Feed Hammer Mill 

1. This Chicken Feed Hammer Mill can crush the corn, wheat, rice husk agriculture waste into small power, for make the feed pellet .

2. Safety device: when weight is overloading, the machine will cut off automatically in order to protect workman.

3. Small size and saving space.

4. Saving power and efficient working.

5. Big capacity: our machine is operated by gear which its capacity is 10% more than by belt. It works 20t/h feed.

6. Long life and durable. The motor uses famous brand-Siemens. And the brand of bearing is SKF or NSK.

Show Details of Chicken Feed Hammer Mill 

Good Chicken Feed Hammer Mill Price For Sale

Chicken Feed Hammer Mill Attention:

♣You must stop heating and cut off Power supply when you move your machine or turn it.

♣The voltage which the machine use must be in accordance with the specification.

♣User should put the suitable power switch , fuse and protector .It will be convenient if you don’t put the sundries around the switch.

♣The machine must touch the floor before you use it.

♣You should exam whether electric components are stable and balance is safely.

♣The power exchange must be in accordance with the same model and use professional person to do it.

♣The install and maintain should be done by the person who has the certificate.

♣The children mustn’t touch the machine.


  • Water drop structure, with elegant structure and high grinding efficiency.

  • Directly connected motor, with high driving efficiency and easy maintenance.

  • Maintenance gate is installed by rail structure, which is of simple and convenient operation.

  • Grinding chamber seperation device optional, with high grinding efficiency.

  • U-shape grinding groove at the bottom of grinding chamber, with improvement of grinding efficiency of 50%-80%.

  • Dead Knife optional that can improve the grinding efficiency.

  • Rotor is undertaken dynamic balance test, which can ensure the stable operation and long service time.

  • Rotor rotatng in closewise and anti-closewise direction can prolong the service life og hammers.

  • Screen fix mechianism is equipped with pressing handle, which makes more convenient of replacing of screen.

  • Diameter of screen can be determined according to the technological design.

  • Equipped with inspection and emergent stop device to protect the local worker from any injuries.


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-----Impeller Feeder


-----Hammer Mill Crusher

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Good Chicken Feed Hammer Mill Price For Sale

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