Good Sealing And Ventilation Port Silo

Good Sealing And Ventilation Port Silo
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Product Details

Features of the spiral silo:

1) The spiral silo is made of high quality galvanized steel plates, can extend the service life of the silo.

2) The spiral silo can be modified and removed,  with quick installation and low investment characteristics.



Function of the spiral silo:

1.Save the construction area

2.High outbound rate

3.High storage capacity

4.Flexible layout

5.Short construction period
6.Environmental compliance

7.Long service life 
8.High safety


Structure of the spiral silo:

The spiral silo consists of the following components: silo top, silo wall and silo bottom.

1) Silo top of the spiral silo

Using purlin to loading Silo top, with natural ventilation holes that whose cover plate is made of hot galvanized steel plate, its unique structure ensures sealing silo from rain.

2) Silo wall of the spiral silo

As used of high quality galvanized steel plate, the silo is safety and has long service life.

3) Bottom of the spiral silo

To increase the stability of the spiral silo, longitudinal ribs are provided, ribs are made of Z steel members, ribs and silo wall are connected comsumingly.



Pictures of the spiral silo:


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