Grain Steel Silo For Corn Wheat Paddy

Grain Steel Silo For Corn Wheat Paddy
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Steel grain silo price for corn storage feature

1.Steel sheet use high quality galvanized sheet,all parts are standard parts, Strictly follow the relevant national standards of grain silo design,manufacture and installation.

2.Easy installation, low investment

3.Corn storage silo height,diameter can be in a wide range of choice,the two position space of two silos can be less than 80cm,less land occupation,well-adapted,the maximum can up to 15000tons/silo,

4,In normal use,if the grain in the warehouse temperature rises o the critical point due to the higher water content ,the temperature and monitoring system will sound and light alarm in time and tell you there is danger in some parts of grain and should be ventilation and cooling

5. The grain silo diameter from 2.7m-32m. The assembly steel silo widely used in grain and oil,Chemical,brewing,medicine,food,cement,coal and other industries.

A general idea about steel grain silo price for corn storage



A detail insulation steel grain silo price for corn storage introduction for your reference.

Corn storage silo roof  

The grain silo top adopts umbrella frame and the frame material is made of C model straight carbon steel.The ceiling is made of galvanized steel tile plates.The silo top served with natural ventilation windows,manhole,ladder,safety guards


Steel grain silo body

1)made of high quality hot-dip galvanizing steel sheet corrugated by special equipments

2)corn storage silo body sheets are connected by high yeild bolts,the thickness of corrugated steel silo sheet is designed according to the constant strength theory.

3)There are stiffeners fixed on the body ,which is used to bear the vertical friction force and support the storage silo body;The bolts and nuts are fixed with spherical waterproof washers.

4)There are aviation special waterproof rubber strip between the corn storage silosheets.Galvanized grain silo is equipped with round door, inside and outside ladder,ladder protecting wire net and ladder platform.

5)Further more,from top to the bottom, thickness of stiffeners shall get thicker and thicker from top to the bottom,thickness of molded steel sheets on each rings shall also become thicker. 

Storage steel grain silo bottom.

When the corn storage silo capacity is below 800t and the diameter is below 8.5m,its base can make into setel cone base.steel cone base is composed of upright columns,annular girder,cone plates,tie pieces etc.the upright columns are made of national standard I-shaped steel and I-shaped steel is cone of the most widely used steel types in steel structure design and manufacturing.It has good structure stability and reliability.Annular girder is shaped by channel steel and it has the function of supporting silo body,connecting columns and base plates.The cone base plates are completely precast.The connection screw blts are GB8.8 grade standard parts.All these make installation easy and convenient,and after installation the base is really good-looking,endurable,and reliable.